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HCHS Chemistry
Honors Chemistry Calendar

Here we will list upcoming activities. We'll update this page frequently, so it's a good idea to check back often.

HONORS Chemistry Course Schedule

Honors Chemistry

Events and Schedule are subject to change

Days #1-11


  • Day #1 School Starts!
    Period: 1
    In-Class: Course Outline, Student Cards, Class Rules, Lab Safety Contract, Check out a Chemistry book
    Computer Lab: Student info, Questions
    Homework: Read Section 1.1, 1.2
    Check: Book Damage, Record Book Numbers
  • Day #2 –
    In-Class: Turn in Safety Contracts. Lecture: Compounds, Mixtures, Elements (Notes)
    Homework: Reviewing Concepts, Page 26: #6, #9 - #12, #17, #19: Read Section 1.3,
    Check: Assign and Record Lab partners - Clean Equipment
  • Day #3 –
    In-Class: Lab: Tools of the Chemist
    Homework: Reviewing Concepts, Page 26: #15, #18, #20, #21, #23.
  • Day #4 –
    In-Class: Lab: Lab Techniques (Lab)
    Homework: Section 1-1 Review Sheet, Lab: Tools of the Chemist Question
  • Day #5 – 
    In-Class: Lecture: Introduction to the Periodic Table / (Notes), In Class Review, Physical/Chemical Change Lab, Lecture: The SI System  
    Handout: Section 1-2, 1-3 Review Sheet, Physical/Chemical Change Lab, Metric Conversion Chart 
    Homework: Section 1-2, 1-3 Review Sheet
  • Day #6 –
    In-Class: Chapter 1 Test.
    Handout: Metric Conversion Chart
    Homework: Read Sections 2.1 - 2.2., Metric Conversions sheet(due w/Chapter 2)
  • Day #7 –
    In-Class: Lecture: S. I Units, Accuracy, Precision, and Uncertainty in Measurement, Significant Figures (Notes)
    In Class Work: S.I. Units Practice Problems
    Homework: Do Problems, Page 60: #27 - #42. Section 2.1 Review Sheet
    Additional Lab:(time permits) Lab: Length and Volume in the Metric System (Lab)
  • Day #8 –
    In-Class: In-Class: Lecture: Accuracy, Precision, and Uncertainty in Measurement, Significant Figures (CONTD if needed) Review for Test
    Quiz: Benchmark Quiz: Metric Conversions
    Homework: Metric Conversions
  • Day #9 – 
    In-Class: Lecture: Significant Figures, (CONTD if needed), Temperature Conversions
    Homework: Significant Figures Problem Set,
  • Day #10
    In-Class: Lecture: Sig Figs (Notes)
    Lecture Rounding, Lab:Physical/Chemical Change Lab
    Homework: Physical/Chemical Change Lab
    Quiz: Sig. Figs

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