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HCHS Chemistry
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On this page we will provide links to various resources that will educate, inform, or simply entertain.

Chemistry Textbook Links

Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Science Website

Science Links

Smithsonian Institution

CNN fyi

Science News

Science News Online

New Scientist - International News, Ideas, Innovation

EurekAlert! - Science News

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature - Science and Space

The New York Times > Science News > Headlines & News

ScienceDaily Magazine: Your Source for the Latest  News in Science

Chemistry Fun Links
SandlotScience is not just another site with a few illusions. SandlotScience
takes you beyond 2D with real-time, interactive 3D demonstrations. ...

  • Chemicool
  • Chemicalelements
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Periodic Table of Comic Books
  • WebElements
  • Online Length and Distance Conversions
  • Modern Chemistry Textbook Website
  • Molar Mass Calculations Website
  • Java Script Periodic Table
  • David's Whizzy Periodic Table with Electrons
  • Metric
  • * CHEM Team Chemical Nomenclature

  • Chemical Bonding Internet Games

  •     Try theses for help with chemical compounds. These may or may not work.

    Test your knowledge
     quiz on bonding | ionic or molecular? | interpreting formulas | polyatomic ions

    challenge yourself!  Compound conquest | Chemistry jeopardy [on bonding etc.]


    Chemistry Archive Files

    Fall 2004 Honors Chemistry Syllabus

    Fall 2004 CP Chemistry Syllabus

    Spring 2005 Honors Chemistry Syllabus

    Spring 2005 Tech Physical Science Syllabus

    Lab Saftey Contract

    Additional links

    Language Translator

    Let me know about any interesting sites you enjoy!